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I like the Zeitgeist baby!

See the movie! Homer has nothing to do with it!

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Sleep as consequence of every exhaustion, exhaustion as consequence of every excessive excitement-

The necessity for sleep, the deification and adoration of the very concept "sleep" in all pessimistic religions and philosophies-

The exhaustion is in this case a racial exhaustion: sleep, regarded psychologically, is only a symbol of a much deeper and longer compulsion to rest-

In practice it is death that works so seductively behind the image of its brother, sleep-

Codex Gigas


Friday, December 12, 2008


The Viennese logicians worked out a system wherein everything is, as far as I understood it, a tautology, that is a repetition of premises. In mathematics, it goes from a very simple theorem to a very complicated one, but it's all in the first theorem. So, metaphysics: tautology; religion: tautology: everything is tautology, except black coffee because the senses are in control! The eyes see the black coffee, the senses are in control, it's the truth; but the rest is always tautology.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Dada is this; Dada is that; Dada is this;
Dada is that; Dada is nevertheless shit.

3 Angels

I was just about to have my degree show. Fine Art at Middlesex University. That's when i had the dream. I think it was actually the night before the opening. I was in my bed. Literally, and in the dream. Three angels came down to greet me. They came as energy and lifting me out, spirit and consciousness, onto an astral plan. A plateau like in the desert. These were the spirits were Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Beuys and Yves Klein. The were very present and i clearly recognized who they were. Beuys and Klein came in from the sides and Duchamp from underneath. They remained individually distinct but combined to become a unified force and body of energy, like that of a cosmic magic carpet and they floated me out into the void. I was hovering about 6 feet above ground, facing the ground when they began to reveal to me their unfolding sculpture. On the ground below began to appear interlocking compartments. They were about 4 feet across horizontally but stretched indefinitely vertically as we floated outward in a linear fashion. Each compartment was inhabited by one artists work but they all interlinked together to make a conjoining labyrinth. Beuy's felt, fat or a red cross here. A Klein sponge or gold leaf there. Duchamp's ready-mades and concepts poured into his boxes. And so on as we passed over the sculpture it grew and grew and continued to open and reveal an ever changing combination of juxtapositions which carried on for miles and miles. It was the perfect sculpture and with no end. Pure harmony. All the elements fit together and formed a staggeringly beautiful whole. I was in a state of bliss. Rapture! Privileged! I was being shown another dimension. Like the opening of a Third eye. They had passed me the baton. This was their message to me. To pick up where they had left off. Move further into the void!

I woke up with a big smile on my face. It's not every night you get visited in your dream by the spirits of Duchamp, Bueys & Klein simultaneously. If i could reproduce what i had seen it would have been the greatest work of art ever made. But that would be impossible! I saw it briefly before it faded away into my unconscienceness upon waking. Nevertheless, the message had been received. I was to continue my own path into the void and beyond.

And then i got a job like everybody else! But it was a damn fine dream damn you!

I haven't given up yet! Those guys might be watching....