Saturday, September 13, 2008

Neil writes the Horoscope for The Observer

He wrote an article criticizing Richard Dawkins 'The Enemies of Reason' which after reading, I just felt compelled to email his department of the newspaper. Here is a section of the article, followed by my email & my image of him and his response....

"Dawkins thinks anything pre-Enlightenment is 'primitive'. As primitive as a gothic cathedral or a Plato text then. Am I bothered by Dawkins calling me names? Not really. I'm in some esteemed company - Resurgence publisher Satish Kumar, and Dr Peter Fisher, clinical director of the Royal Homeopathic Hospital (and the Queen's physician) - also fall under Dawkins' stony disapproval."

Well Neil, you must be either a total con artist who doesn't honestly believe all this utter nonsense, but needs to make a living somehow or you really do live amongst the fairies! At least you can thank Dawkins for bringing your insignificant self into some brief limelight! Please now fade away into your little horror-scope fantasy world! Goodbye

Dear Significant Person,

Personally I have always been intrigued by fairies - and gnomes (in your picture) and most other varieties of fantastic creature. I take comfort that I am - to judge by the enduring fascination in fairytales, myths, hobbits and the rest - not alone.

Now why don't YOU all f-f-fade away.