Monday, September 15, 2008


I had a look back at this blog as it's been just over a year since it was started! Probably a quarter of the Youtube videos have been removed. WHY? Who posts them then deletes them? Or is it Youtube? Most videos I had chosen had been posted up on Youtube for years which is why i thought they would be safe from removal. I replaced what i could but it will be a graveyard soon! Why bother? My understanding was that anything up on Youtube before the Google take over could stay up, but tons of cracking good stuff is now gone, probably for good, which is very sad indeed, and it's become just a place for people to show themselves in their bedrooms jumping up and down on their beds and doing karaoke! Who cares? I may pack this in when the free blog space ends........hmmm?

Whoever is out there, thanks for having a look in. Good to know somebody appreciates the effort, even if it is all just meaningless fun! Cheers